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October 2020
Bearsville Theater / Utopia Soundstage
Woodstock, NY
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Michael Chapdelaine: Arranging Popular Tunes for Solo Guitar
Sunday, October 28, 1:00pm
Woodstock Commune/Petersen House, 297 Tinker Street, Bearsville, NY   See Map

Any tune or idea that you ever thought of or heard, can be played on solo guitar. It's like solving a puzzle. Knowing what to leave in and what to leave out is the key. We will work on issues of: Melody: what is the melody and where should we put it in the texture and on the fingerboard so that it can sing out and we (player and listeners) can be moved by it. -Harmony: how to discover and voice the chords in a way that will support, and not conflict with, the melody. -Orchestration: none of the notes are equal. We'll talk about how to deal with that on a technical level. -Technique: We will look at some of the tricks that lead to making the music work on our instrument. (there are a lot of these to talk about).

There will be handouts; some knowledge of music theory and chord-think, notation and/or TAB helpful. Recording is permitted.

Level: Beginner to Advanced, applicable to all levels of players


Michael Chapdelaine