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October 2020
Bearsville Theater / Utopia Soundstage
Woodstock, NY
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Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers: Easy Alternate Tunings
Sunday, October 28, 10:00am
Woodstock Commune/Petersen House, 297 Tinker Street, Bearsville, NY   See Map

Want to explore the enticing sounds of alternate tunings without getting totally lost on the fingerboard? In this clinic, you'll explore tunings that drop the bass strings while leaving the others in standard tuning. These tunings-as heard in songs by players like Chet Atkins, Richard Thompson, and Lindsey Buckingham-give you access to sounds that are off the beaten track yet still easy to wrap your fingers and head around. There will be handouts with some notation/tablature examples, but not necessary to be able to read; people can follow along without. Taping allowed to get the most out of the lesson and further study. This clinic is based on Jeffrey's new Acoustic Guitar lesson book/video Beyond Strumming, which Chris Eldridge (Punch Brothers, Julian Lage) calls "a great resource for people looking to play songs in new ways."

Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate and above


Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers