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October 2020
Bearsville Theater / Utopia Soundstage
Woodstock, NY
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SPECIAL EVENT AT THE BEAR CAFÉ GAZEBO: “The Inside Story on Great Strings”
Saturday, October 27, 12:00pm
Bear Café Gazebo, Bearsville, NY   See Map

Playing off the theme of D’Addario’s first consumer ads for the D’Addario brand of guitar strings in 1974, Jim D’Addario is going to talk a little bit about the D’Addario family’s 350 year string making legacy through the lens of constant innovation and continuous improvement. The presentation will focus on several technical string making challenges, their importance, and how the D’Addario team has used curiosity and relentless innovation to improve the art of string making.

Jim will use a mix of eclectic marketing materials from the seventies and eighties to show how the same topics are relevant to the company’s innovation agenda nearly fifty years after they were created. He will show how the company has been focused on many of these same technical issues for decades and has evolved string making from an art into a modern science driven craft.

Jim will take a close look at why and how specific materials like hexagonal core wire and phosphor bronze have been adopted and how the company is using the latest in modern, digital technologies, not only in the manufacture of its strings, but the actual raw materials themselves.

He will give a close up look at what these exciting technologies look like and end with some factoids about the companies social responsibility programs. He will also be distributing beta samples of a completely new EXP coated acoustic string set. Jim D’Addario is Chairman and CEO of D’Addario & Company, Inc., one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of musical instrument accessories. In his role, Jim focuses most of his attention on product development, manufacturing process innovation, and marketing for all D’Addario brands.

Included in price of admission, limited space, room for 50 attendees only.