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Nakenterprise 2024 Record Label Talent Event
Nakenterprise 2024 Record Label Talent Event
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GRAVIKORD Double Harp,Electro-Acoustic,E-Z Travel
The "GRAVIKORD" (tm) is an electric double harp developed from the West African kora. It has been featured in the show "Enduring Rhythms" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is a patented new instrument that has been variously described as "a harp for a bongo player" also as "two harps on a stick to go," or by Garrison Keilor as "A harp for active persons." It is an electric double harp made of modern materials in an ergonomic and minimalist design aesthetic. It has a three and one-half octave range and the general tonal structure of an African kalimba or imbira where notes of a scale alternate from side to side making adjacent strings always in intervals of major or minor thirds. This tonal arrangement makes it a very sweet and open instrument to learn. It is generally played using just the thumb and forefinger of both hands. Because its structure is different from most Western instruments, often simple techniques can lead to intricate results. Its African roots also imbue it with a beautifully rich and fascinating polyrhythmic nature. The GRAVIKORD "Signature Series"(tm) is our current artist quality production model. The sound quality is warm and full with a deep resonant harmonic complexity arising from the sympathetic vibrations of the unplayed strings. It is the fully realized design of the Gravikord. As such it is signed on the base of the tuning block by Bob Grawi, the inventor. It weighs five pounds and measures 51" long, 7 ˝" wide, 5 ˝” high. It fits into most airplane overhead compartments, so it's easy to take with you! The frame is made of welded stainless steel, the tuning machines are nickel-plated steel, the tuning block is lacquered wood, the handle balls are silver-plated. The bridge is machined from a black synthetic material specially selected for strength and to balance the brightness and warmth of the instrument’s tone. The GRAVIKORD "Signature Series,"(tm) comes complete with an adjustable tone bar, a black clip-on combination visual ground/guiro rhythm attachment, an attached full length instrument cord, a full 24 page illustrated owner's manual that also covers tuning and playing, a "Certificate of Authenticity" signed and dated by the creator, and a generous supply of strings. This GRAVIKORD "Signature Series,"TM is a brand new fully functional electro-acoustic instrument that can be plugged into any guitar type amplifier and played. It also works well with most guitar effects pedals. Alternatively it is a unique collector’s item. It sets the standard for our currently made instruments. Its sound is rich, beautiful, and strong, and it naturally lends itself to both lyrical and polyrhythmic cross rhythm playing techniques. For more on the Gravikord, including sound samples, and the history of the instrument go to our web site. Additional accessories and long term support for the instrument can also be found at this site. Email with address and postal codes for S&H outside USA.Local pick-up in Orange County is also available. For some more interesting information about playing the instrument go to the "Manual Updates" page on the site.

$1995.00 S&H Free in USA

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Location: Orange County, NY
Phone: (845) 651-2327

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