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Sapo Amplifier Repair
I work on, service, restore, and diagnose tube amps. I specialize in vintage equipment but also work on modern gear.

Problem with your amp? Noisy, broken, scratchy pots, tone issues, tube replacements and biasing, restoration work, dead amp revival, cap jobs, three prong grounded power cord installations ... No job too big or small.

All work done professionally and with the highest workmanship available (i'm OCD about clean and neat repair jobs, wiring, etc). I thoroughly enjoy restoring amps and keeping them as original as possible.

Many older amps require replaced electrolytic caps, three prong power cord installation, pot cleaning, death cap removal etc.

Today's higher line voltages also push older designs way over their intended operating limits leading to bad tone and short tube life. I'll diagnose, and dial in your beloved amp to make it a gig worthy tone machine. Drifted components, and leaky caps add hum and suck away your tone. I'm happy to hunt down original NOS replacement parts if you want your amp as close to factory as possible. Very fair and competitive pricing.

I also do amplifier detailing, and guitar/bass electric work including pickups, pots, jacks, switches etc.

I have been doing this professionally for years now and have fixed and restored countless amps for customers ranging from the 1940's through current production amps. Music stores even send out repairs to me. You will be satisfied!

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Location: Ulster County, NY

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