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October 2020
Bearsville Theater / Utopia Soundstage
Woodstock, NY
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Vicki Genfan: "Slap-Tap-Happy" - Intro to Open Tunings and Modern Fingerstyle Techniques
Saturday, October 27, 1:00pm
Woodstock Commune/Petersen House, 297 Tinker Street, Bearsville, NY   See Map

Continuing down the path of 'alternative' techniques, Vicki will introduce students to some of today's most contemporary percussive guitar techniques, while tuning and playing together in two 'open' tunings. We'll spend some time in each tuning, playing common chord progressions and trying out thumb slapping, harmonic tapping and body percussion (the guitar's body, not yours!). You'll have a chance to hear the special features inherent in these different tunings, and I'm hoping you'll leave the class feeling empowered and excited to explore further on your own! Bring a guitar, a tuner, an open mind and heart. There will be handouts; must be able to read TAB. Video/taping permitted.

Level: Advanced Beginner to Advanced.

(Watch this video for a better understanding of 'Percussive Techniques'


Vicki Genfan