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October 2020
Bearsville Theater / Utopia Soundstage
Woodstock, NY
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Rory Block: Slide Guitar Workshop
Sunday, October 28, 11:30am
Woodstock Commune/Petersen House, 297 Tinker Street, Bearsville, NY   See Map

In our slide workshop, we will analyze and implement techniques needed to get the cleanest sound, the best vibrato, individual notes, dampening and shimmer, how to navigate the neck both up and down, plus numerous options and ideas for creating solos and backup riffs. Open G and Open D tunings will be used. We will discuss choice of slide styles - metal, glass, ceramic, and which finger to use - pinky thru first, full finger or short slide. All levels are welcomed, as we cover the territory from A to Z. The goal is to offer something useful for everyone. Students should bring a guitar, a capo, and a slide.

Please note: NO photography, video or audio taping will be permitted.

All levels, Beginner to Advanced

NOTE: D’ADDARIO SLIDES GIVE-AWAY! All attendees of Rory Block’s Slide Guitar Workshop will receive a free D’Addario slide. There will be a selection of Glass and Chrome Plated Brass slides in three different sizes each to choose from.


Rory Block