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October 13-15, 2023
Bearsville Center
Woodstock, NY
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Performance Schedule
Hwang Myeongheum & Inoo Park for Kostal Guitars
Saturday, October 14, 11:00am–11:30am
Bearsville Theater Lounge, 295A Tinnker Street, Woodstock, NY   See Map

Ajjom is a South Korean acoustic band and YouTuber featuring finger-style guitarist Hwang Myeongheum and Inoo Park, who works as a composer as well as a session guitarist. Hwang is one of South Korea's leading finger-style players who has composed many songs for Jung-Heum Band, while Inoo is creating OSTs for K-dramas that have recently captivated viewers around the world. The two are also active as reviewers who have played the largest number of guitars in the world. They have reviewed approximately 2,000 acoustic guitars so far, and most people in Korea who are buying new guitars refer to their reviews. In September 2023, Ajjom released a single album containing guitar duets.

Hwang won the grand prize at the 2nd Martin Acoustic Guitar & Vocal Contest in 2012 and the International K-star Award for Outstanding Band in 2017 for Jung-heum Band. Inoo composed Paul Kim's "You Remember" for the original drama "The Glory," which gained attention by topping Netflix in 2023, and played the guitar himself. He is actively working as a session player across various genres in K-dramas and K-pop.